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Beam - Burn! (Entertainment & RvR)
(5 min - Sep 11, 2008 - by B3aM)
This movie is a mix between entertainment ( special effects ) and RvR - a lot of action and it looks simply good! :) Have fun! Beam
TAGS: Beam Effects Wizzard movie special Bright Scenario Entertainment video burn
RvR Bright Wizard 33,984 0
rzeznicc's RvR engineer Battle of Erkrun...
(8 min - Sep 11, 2008 - by rzeznicc)
Hi, Im rzeznicc and heres a vid of Battle of Erkrund from Warhammer Online, played as rank 11 Engineer in open beta EU.
TAGS: RvR enginner battle Erkrund
RvR Engineer 23,162 1
Denman - Black Orc RvR
(5 min - Jan 15, 2009 - by David K)
This is a short movie of some battles that I have had on Karak Azgal, I am a Rank 40 Black Orc and Brawler spec.
TAGS: black orc denman Warhammer
RvR Black Orc 15,862 0
Beam - Burn Vol. 2 ( LVL 40 Bright Wiz /...
(6 min - Oct 9, 2008 - by B3aM)
This movie is the 2nd Part of my Burn series. It shows some RvR-Action of my lvl 40 Bright Wizzard ( Ae Specc). But keep in mind - its just the beginning! edit: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE FILEFRONT DOWNLOAD ( PERFECT (!!!) QUALITY ) Have Fun! Beam
TAGS: Beam Bright exploration action lvl vendetta order Vol. Wiz Wizzard burn
RvR Bright Wizard 14,987 0
Joobiter two DAHERDA - T4 RvR/1v1
(530 min - May 26, 2009 - by Ebaty1 - Joobiter)
Sequel to "Joobiter Squiggy", this is my second RvR video with my Squig Herder "Joobiter". More in Depth spec details are in my first video. It's the exact same spec that I use in this video. Absolutely no changes. SPEC: I go up to the last tactic available in BS and grab all three tactics, I ...
TAGS: Joobiter DAHERDA squig exploration two t4 duels herder 1v1
RvR Goblin Squig Herder 12,560 0

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