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Knightmare Guild - Barakus the Godslayer
(3 min - Dec 30, 2008 - by Pixus)
For best quality, watch the HD stream on WhTv, or simply direct download from Filefront. This is the final (second) boss of Bloodwrought Enclave, Barakus the Godslayer. An easy fight once you've got the rythm right, but this boss has a tendency to bug and reset quite often. We had no problems ...
TAGS: Knightmare Dungeon guild Bloodwrought Barakus Enclave Godslayer
Dungeon Marauder - 1,900 0
Ods On Vent (RAP and sparta nerd rage)
(2 min - Apr 3, 2009 - by Martin)
Ods our guildmaster for Bloodline of Karak eight peaks, RAPS and having a SPARTA NERD RAGE in altdorf ^^ THIS IS A MUST TO LISTEN TO ! xD
TAGS: Ods Vent sparta nerd
Comedy Chosen - 1,472 1

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