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Ashgan @ 09-05-26 10:56
Heaven Shall Burn - Like a Thousand Suns, Lamb of God - Contractor, Aaaand some quite old arch enemy track, cant remember the name. The music in the full movie was intended for public, while still keeping the "metal theme".
Black Guard 2 @ 09-05-06 17:53
Rated: 3.8
Hmm, a good 4 imo. This spec got quite more survivability then mine...
Ashgan @ 09-05-05 20:27
At the moment of capturing I was geared 2 Anni\3Sent + Conq. boots. Had 900+ str, but the sad thing is that I gave up lots of survivability, so I'm more of a MDPS then a tank. Now I gave up some str for a +crit sentiel bonus, so I'm at ~850 str atm. I'll upload full movie soon with some teamplay scenes, that build is actually a teamplay one.
Ashgan @ 09-05-05 07:22
For the thing that critted for 1.7k the cooldown is 10s (Crimson Death), on my main attack there is no cooldown, but still it's hate cost cripples spam pretty much.
Ashgan @ 09-05-04 19:39
So, I've noticed that there is no even half-decent Black Guard movies here, so I've took an evening to fraps some footage and edit it in Vegas abit. That's just a test video, and I guess 1st movie will come out soon, Vegas turned out to be not as tricky as it seems. This little test video, probably like the full movie I'm making now, is made to show people the damage malice BG is capable of doing, to help newbies at chosing their class (because there is almost no info about the Black Guard). Also it will may newbies to find good rotations and optimize their malice playstyle. I hope those 8 minutes won't the a waste of your time :)
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