Career: Goblin Squig Herder

P Title Category Date Size Rating DLs
Joobiter two DAHERDA - T4 RvR/1v1RvR09-05-26494.7212570
Joobiter Squiggy - T4 RvR/DuelsSkirmishes09-05-11344.224925
HEY! Tier 2 Squig Herder PvPRvR09-04-21110-1795
Squig herder 40 scenariosScenarios09-04-1657-1780
Squig herder T4 scenariosScenarios09-04-1466-2237
Blood For Blood inter-alliance pushBattlefields09-02-1637-2424
Sneaky Goblin Tactics #5Story-Line09-02-11483.727463
Part of Dis WaaaaghComedy09-01-0984.527361
Sneaky Goblin Tactics #4How To/Guides08-12-24574.4710829
Sneaky Goblin Tactics #3Skirmishes08-12-11614.3111065
Sneaky Goblin Tactics #2RvR08-11-24514.239987
Sneaky Goblin Tactics #1RvR08-11-11463.5412833
R16 Squig Herder, T2 Mourkain TemplScenarios08-10-13243.422631
Axi I - Squig Herder RvRBattlefields08-10-01542.555087
Jebach squig herderBattlefields08-09-2149-4247

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