Azagahl: Suicide Ironbreaker Reloaded!
NEW MIRROR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3kdl0lHFz4 (Sorry for no sound)

Hey everyone, this is my second video.

I have bad news, all my raw footage got lost when my external harddrive got corrupted. :( This is what I had rendered until now as a draft, sorry that the scenario ends halfway through at the end. The final kill count was 32 KBs, with 342,000, which is most likely on my top ten best scenarios near the bottom.

Some notes:
The focus of this video is to highlight Ironbreaker DPS and what dps you can expect from playing an Ironbreaker. So, all of these fights revolve around scenarios with good healing, no 1vNs.

I put the fight against Saravin in there to show the other side of Ironbreaker burst. Ironbreaker burst can be easily countered via smart detaunting. A lot of people don't detaunt because of preconceptions of tank dps, but if an IB is giving you trouble- detaunt, detaunt, detaunt. Moreover, if the IB is putting numbers like these, he has very low survivability/resists, and you should mow him down like you would a Witch Hunter.

You can see an Ironbreaker coming, it doesn't have Charge- just make sure to prekite keeping in mind that he has a 20 feet aoe snare and a 30 feet root.

For those wanting to play your Ironbreaker this way, keep in mind that you need AMAZING healers. You won't go 1v1 with any class except healers with this spec, for a much better 1vN spec see my other video.


(PS: I can't change the music, so deal with it! I was gonna put Prodigy but oh well)

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