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An end to War
(314 min - Apr 7, 2010 - by Stootube)
A narrative through pictures. My farewell to Warhammer.
TAGS: end war
Story-Line Witch Hunter 23,218 1
What does WAR mean to you?
(2 min - Aug 30, 2008 - by wasteofaces)
We asked individuals within both the forces of order and destruction to reveal their thoughts on war. (Yes we left out the dwarves, but when you've heard one scottish-accented dwarf sterotype you're heard them all!) This is a really fast, short, down and dirty machinima I made with some friend...
TAGS: What does war mean
Comedy Multiple 19,462 1
Beam - Destiny (Epic Moments in Warhamme...
(5 min - Aug 22, 2008 - by B3aM)
Have fun! :)
TAGS: Beam story Online Destiny Emotion epic Moments trailer Warhammer
Drama Multiple 10,166 0
Archmage + Shadow Warrior Duo Preview We...
(3 min - Aug 30, 2008 - by dugamah)
A quick video of myself and Terror fighting destruction in the tier 1 High Elf RvR area during the preview weekend. For most of this fight the odds are stacked 2v6 or so, but we still pull off some kills. Note the massive swarm of destruction that finally take us down at the end :P We are both wear...
TAGS: Archmage preview shadow weekend warrior duo
RvR Archmage 8,000 0
Oblivion's Warped Reality
(11 min - Apr 2, 2009 - by )
Video was meant to be released late January, problems with editor not being able to do something with the movie, so in the end I finally (fail)editted it(with WMM), so all in all a very rushed movie. Hope you enjoy. Note: All the clips are from Dec/Jan meaning patch 1.1, i have improved alot si...
TAGS: Warped Reality Magus 1v1 duel
Skirmishes Magus - 4,837 0

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