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Unholy Aliance
(204 min - Oct 21, 2009 - by ghostweed)
First part of Unholy alliance, starring Black Orc and Disciple of Khaine, both lvl 10 twinks on trial accounts.It is one continuous battle with few cuts for better music/picture combination. Hope u will like it :) Music: Rammstein - Feuer Frei, LOTR - Fellowship of the ring -The Bridge of Kh...
TAGS: unholy Aliance
RvR Black Orc - 2,501 1
Unholy Aliance 2
(188 min - Oct 19, 2009 - by ghostweed)
The second part of Unholy alliance. This time it is a combination of fights in Nordenwatch SC. Deadly cooperation of Black Orc and Disciple of Khaine both lvl 10 twinks on trial accounts. If u ask how we are able to survive, answer is simple: 99,6% dmg reduction (via talismans on BO) and good fro...
TAGS: unholy Aliance
RvR Black Orc - 1,888 1

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