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An end to War
(314 min - Apr 7, 2010 - by Stootube)
A narrative through pictures. My farewell to Warhammer.
TAGS: end war
Story-Line Witch Hunter 23,395 1
Archmage + Shadow Warrior Duo Preview We...
(3 min - Aug 30, 2008 - by dugamah)
A quick video of myself and Terror fighting destruction in the tier 1 High Elf RvR area during the preview weekend. For most of this fight the odds are stacked 2v6 or so, but we still pull off some kills. Note the massive swarm of destruction that finally take us down at the end :P We are both wear...
TAGS: Archmage preview shadow weekend warrior duo
RvR Archmage 8,044 0
Sadistic Tendencies Intro
(0 min - Sep 2, 2008 - by Apnea / Snoff)
This is just a 16 second title that we had our professionals come up with. Please comment on it, we are trying to strive for an EPIC intro title. Also what do you guys thing about the song?
TAGS: Sadistic Tendencies intro ST destruction hardcore
Guild Promot... Sorceress 3,875 0
Legendary Promo Teaser Trailer
(1 min - Jan 12, 2008 - by Atroxy)
Back in september of 2007 I founded a "Order" guild together with some close friends. We decided to call it "Legendary". I made this teaser in the hopes to attrack more European WAR fans to our guild. There will be a full lenghted promotial video later on. I hope you enjoy the teaser, and if...
TAGS: trailer teaser promo legendary
Guild Promot... Archmage 3,865 0
ARM, The Legend Revealed Part 2of3
(901 min - Sep 15, 2011 - by ARM, DOUBLEPEN, OMNIPAIN)
The greatest movie ever made by a man.
TAGS: The ARM legend Revealed part
RvR Rune Priest - 1,257 0

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