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Cicy Disciple PvP
(10 min - Jan 10, 2009 - by Cicy)
A few clips of me soloing. I apologize for the bad graphic i had while recording this film, upcoming vids will be better. I recommend you to download the file from filefront, stream quality isnt the best.
TAGS: Cicy Disciple pvp
RvR Desciple of Khaine 8,049 0
Black orc Scenario and oRvR on Karak Azg...
(189 min - Jul 6, 2009 - by Lethe)
Another one day thing, enjoy. The movie is NOT 189 minutes long, but 3.10 minutes. Use the youtube link for HD quality.
TAGS: black Karak orc ORVR Scenario Azgal
RvR Black Orc - 5,713 0
Serento -T4 SW scenario
(8 min - Dec 2, 2008 - by Cassio)
its me Cassio playin' my SW in rvr. enjoy! !got soundproblem! from 7:42 there is no music. tryed several times but could not solve that problem, so i took it as it is.
TAGS: Serento Scenario
Scenarios Shadow Warrior 3,453 0
Squig herder T4 scenarios
(3 min - Apr 14, 2009 - by )
Scenario premade in karak-izor Darkpromise and invader gear . Killing some order with my premade. Special request video for a youtube member watch it in HD for more quality Spec 13 big shooting 14 quick shooting Dungeon stats: Ballistic skill: 975 with potion( 1075) Health points: 7...
TAGS: squig rank40 Scenarios Darkpromise Karak-Norn ORVR herder t4 RvR
Scenarios Goblin Squig Herder - 2,437 0
Warhammer Ghost Love Score
(10 min - Sep 23, 2008 - by )
A Warhammer CMV I made using Nightwish's Ghost Love Score. An epic music video, if I say so myself.
TAGS: Warhammer love Score cryfury ghost
Music Unknown - 2,290 0

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