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Part of Dis Waaaagh
(3 min - Jan 9, 2009 - by Ashcraft)
A squig herder sings. Lyrics: I got a plink and ma pointy stick da bigguns dey say dat us gobbos are thick But oi gots me squig dat are ma evryting! Da bigguns dey say gobbo's too small ta waagh we's got no choppas we's got bad armor dey lookin at me like, you know, dey gonna eat...
TAGS: part SH Waaagh Dis squig Warhammer Waaaagh herder Disney Waagh
Comedy Goblin Squig Herder 7,334 1
Guild Bohemia, Gang party
(9 min - Apr 13, 2009 - by Tico)
Bohemia in Avelorn by Destro entrance to Lost Vale 01.04.2009
TAGS: Gang Bohemia Eltharion Tico
Skirmishes Archmage - 1,979 0
Tiswa, Power of the Waaagghhh; Part 2 tr...
(1 min - Oct 15, 2008 - by Michilli)
The trailer of the upcoming shaman movie "Power of the Waaagghh: Buffed and loaded" Shaman is an interesting class! Comments are welcome. (Miwou© Studios)
TAGS: power Waagh heal part dps trailer RvR shaman
Trailers Goblin Shaman - 1,922 1
Ods On Vent (RAP and sparta nerd rage)
(2 min - Apr 3, 2009 - by Martin)
Ods our guildmaster for Bloodline of Karak eight peaks, RAPS and having a SPARTA NERD RAGE in altdorf ^^ THIS IS A MUST TO LISTEN TO ! xD
TAGS: Ods Vent sparta nerd
Comedy Chosen - 1,472 0
ARM, The Legend Revealed Part 2of3
(901 min - Sep 15, 2011 - by ARM, DOUBLEPEN, OMNIPAIN)
The greatest movie ever made by a man.
TAGS: The ARM legend Revealed part
RvR Rune Priest - 1,064 1

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