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Marauder RvR Shots
(8 min - Oct 31, 2008 - by )
This is my first warhammer online movie made in a long night doing some T4 RvR in Dragonwake. Im sure not the best movie director or creator but seeing no other marauder videos was one of the reason i was making it. most of the fights are : - 3vs7 - 4vs7 - 1vs1 - 1vs6 and in Open RvR...
TAGS: Marauder Shots
RvR Marauder 10,664 0
Archmage + Shadow Warrior Duo Preview We...
(3 min - Aug 30, 2008 - by dugamah)
A quick video of myself and Terror fighting destruction in the tier 1 High Elf RvR area during the preview weekend. For most of this fight the odds are stacked 2v6 or so, but we still pull off some kills. Note the massive swarm of destruction that finally take us down at the end :P We are both wear...
TAGS: Archmage preview shadow weekend warrior duo
RvR Archmage 7,989 0
(8 min - May 4, 2009 - by Ashgan)
Test video. Not a serious project. PoV of 4055 Black Guard. Content captured within ~2-3 hours. Testing basic fraps features and laying music. Constructive criticism and comments are welcome.
TAGS: Ashgan pvp RvR
Skirmishes Black Guard 5,785 0
Zgorbio - Solo PvP - shaman
(10 min - May 5, 2009 - by )
a couple of fights with my dps shaman lvl 31/32 , fighting against lvl40s with some 2vs1 (all in open rvr areas) all frapsed in 2 days of gameplay it's a video for entertaiment , and i hope you have fun watching it as much as i did doing it (: I suck at english , i know^^ - - Music list at ...
TAGS: Zgorbio solo pvp shaman
Skirmishes Goblin Shaman 4,777 0
Splashzor R21 SW RvR
(7 min - Oct 19, 2008 - by Splashzor)
Hey all, I was bored one night and decided to make this video showcasing some R21 Shadow Warrior RvR. Don't expect any lolskill nor top-notch editing because I wasn't up for wasting my time making perfect editing to sub-par T2 clips :P The songs are as follow: Katy Perry- Fingerprints (Intro)...
TAGS: Splashzor Mourkain r21 keeps SW crits
RvR Shadow Warrior 4,213 0

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