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Bohemia RvR GuildGuild Promot...Rune Priest0.01428
Siege of Eternal Citadel PvERune Priest0.02182
The King SlayersPvERune Priest0.01978
Valayas FuryRvRRune Priest0.01600
Warhammer Online TributeMusicMultiple5.03834
Where The Hell Is Dragnor!ExplorationRune Priest4.92848
Where The Hell Is Dragnorika J...ExplorationIronbreaker0.01098
Last 10 Comments and Ratings
Entering the Stronghold @ 09-08-17 10:58
Rated: 5 in old system
great music clip. Really liked it. But the title is a bit missleading .) It is a shame that no one rate.
Wallclimb to Altdorf @ 09-05-07 19:06
Rated: 3.0
well nice dicovery how to bypass fort., but the title is lie, whole movie I was waiting when you finally get to altdorf and you ends before gates ofcourse. bit a disapointment
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