Crimson PvP 11 - Pink for Tink!

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Crimson PvP 11 - Pink for Tink!'s Summary
POV: Dominic, RR80 BW of Crimson, Karak-Norn, EU.

I dedicate this 11th installment of Crimson PvP movies to Tink, Badlands US.

All the footage was taken on the 27th of May, 2010, wicked night of RvR, but the lag made everything hang (as you can see in the vid). I had well over 20 minutes of good footage, so I had to leave quite a few fights out.
This is my first serious upload, I tried to keep the editing to a minimum and the music epic. Also included vent for your delight. Remember to 1080p or gtfo!

All done in PinkForTink!
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