Sneaky Goblin Tactics #5

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Sneaky Goblin Tactics #5's Summary
My 5th and pretty sure final in my SH series. I have retired my SH as I have pretty much hit a peak where I cant go any higher. RR 66 full invader 3 piece warlord, My end game stats were 1100 BS and 30% crit 6k health.

NOTE: This movie really isnt like my others.. its more of a storyline. I think it came out pretty good. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Youtubes new features has disabled my sound.. please watch the WHO version or the Filefront.

*note* sorry for the lack of voice over or subtitles.. My computer sputterd and died. So I had to give the unfinished version.. I think it can hold its own as far as a story.. but the subtitles or voice over would have added alot. Anyways.. enjoy
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