Part of Dis Waaaagh

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Part of Dis Waaaagh's Summary
A squig herder sings.


I got a plink
and ma pointy stick
da bigguns dey say
dat us gobbos are thick
But oi gots me squig
dat are ma evryting!

Da bigguns dey say
gobbo's too small ta waagh
we's got no choppas
we's got bad armor
dey lookin at me like, you know,
dey gonna eat me'n everyting

Dey have lobbers and thumpers all over
Dey have hemmets and round things on too
Some haves shiny things, I want dem

But I'z small
not that big
'smell bad toooooo

I wonna stab where da biggun stab
I wonna see
Wanna see em bleedin'
Writhing around on dat
(waddya call dat? oh, floor!)

Stabbin dem arms and stabbing dem hearts
Dun't leave em in sun, dey get stinky.
All covered in
(wats dat goo? oh, Gore!)

I'z not dat big
I'z not dat strong
but I'z kill dem stunties all day long
screamin wit glee
I gonna be
Part of dis Waaaaagh.

Wat would I kill
just for da thrill
of a choppa
wat wod I plink
justa think
I waz dat bad
Da bigguns are grand
dere biggo hands
Always... first in line for da slaughter!
aways willin
scream and killem
dead on da sand

I wanna chop like da bigguns chop
swingin in circles
'till I'z git dizzy
Sittin to rest on dere
(wassat wod? corpse!)

When it be me-
I'z be dat best!
Very Best greenskin of allda rest
I'z will be great
Not jus' squig bait
Part of dis waaaaaaaagh
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