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Fetch!'s Summary
Many discussions have been made on forums about this ability. Some say it's OP, some says it's not. See for yourself. I say nerf!

Please keep in mind that ALL the Serpent's Passage clips (most of the video) are from only 2 scenarios.

What I try to show in the video:
- How impossible it is to get away from a White Lion
- How hard it is to stay near a White Lion (If he wants to get away)
- How impossible it is avoid the pet/Fetch
- How OP it is when abused/spammed
- How blind and arrogant the Order players on the RvR forums are

Theres only one counter to the pet, and it only lasts for 15 seconds: Killing it.
As it is now the pet is pretty much unstoppable. You can't block, parry, dodge, root or run from it. If the WL selects Fetch, you're gonna get Fetch. That's it!

The quote I've wrote in the video is from the following two websites:


White Lions abilites:
- Flee
- Charge!
- Frenzied Slaughter
- Confusing Movements
- Feline Grace
- Ensnare
- Call War Lion (15 sec cd)
- Fetch!
How can you ever catch him?

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