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FileFront is NOT closing down!
by Gedan, Admin @ 09-04-02 23:28 EST

FileFront will remain open, the recent news however was NOT an early April Fool's joke, instead the original founders purchased it and FileFront now stand as a independent company again:

"After learning about Ziff Davis Media's plan to suspend FileFront at the end of March, the original founders of FileFront made the decision to buy it back from Ziff Davis Media.

We're happy to announce to the gaming community that as of today, April 1st, 2009, FileFront is a completely independent company again and is no longer part of Ziff Davis Media. All previously suspended services should be active and working again. We thank Ziff Davis Media for their cooperation and willingness to keep the site and community alive.

Due to the very unfortunate timing of this event and related announcements on March 24th and April 1st (April Fool's Day), we'd like to make it perfectly clear that:

1) 1) The March 24th announcement about FileFront suspending its operation was NOT an early April Fool's joke.

2) This announcement about the original founders buying back FileFront from Ziff Davis Media is also NOT an April Fool's joke.

3) We're making this announcement on April 1st because the deal was completed today and we want to bring all services back online immediately.

4) We would NEVER suspend FileFront as an April Fool's joke.

5) We are happy to be back!..

.. Welcome home. Game On!"


Thats our trustworthy public mirror, back in action!


Q&A with the WAR developers!
by Styng, Admin @ 09-03-19 10:28 EST
This Thursday, the 19th of March, GOA will be hosting a chat session with senior developers and designers at Mythic Entertainment.

Jeff Hickman, Josh Drescher, Jeff Skalski, Destin Bales, Adam Gershowitz and Carrie Gouskos along with the European Community Management team will be answering your most important questions and talk to topics like the six month anniversary of WAR, the Call to Arms campaign, past and upcoming live events and, of course, the changes introduced in patch 1.2.

The session will start at 19.00 CET and will be held on quakenet IRC. If you’re unfamiliar with IRC, you can either download a client such as mIRC or simply use the Quakenet Web-Client. Whatever your choice is, make sure to be in #wardevchateu at 19:00, because it will surely be interesting!

Here’s a brief overview of the details:
When:  March 19th at 19.00 CET
Where:  quakenet in #wardevchateu
Who: GOA Community Management and Mythic’s Jeff Hickman, Josh Drescher, Jeff Skalski, Destin Bales, Adam Gershowitz and Carrie Gouskos.

See you soon!
WAR looking for Machinima!
by Styng, Admin @ 08-10-22 19:24 EST

WAR Community team is looking for your Machinima!

Mythic Entertainment's Andy Belford, the Community Coordinator for Warhammer Online has created this thread on our forums in search of cutting edge and innovative machinima to feature in the WAR monthly newsletter.

Make sure to visit this link to read more about this exciting news as well as the guidelines to participate.

Free HQ streaming on WarhammerMovies!
by Uzbeki, Admin @ 08-09-11 16:31 EST

We are very happy to announce that from today we offer FREE HQ streaming on all movies here on WarhammerMovies.com!

All movies uploaded with fairly common codecs will be encoded in a format which most up to date browsers can stream.


- Uzbeki

Another 500 BETA Keys!
by styng, Admin @ 08-09-08 15:11 EST

As we mentioned a couple of days ago, we had a few unclaimed BETA keys which were reserved. Since those keys were not claimed, we have released them so you, the visitors, have a chance of claiming them for yourself. Click the image up at the top-right that says "Warhammer EU BETA Keys" or click this link to claim your key. They will go very quickly, so good luck!

UPDATE: All keys have been claimed. Thank you all for the interest shown and the constant support. We will let you know if we have more available.


Regarding additional beta keys
by Uzbeki, Admin @ 08-09-05 15:12 EST
Due to the overwhelming response the open beta keys that we had available were all reserved at record speed. However some of the keys that we have reserved have yet to be claimed.

On Sunday or Monday we will release all non claimed keys back to our users on a first come first served basis. Please do not beg for keys. The amount is yet to be determined of course but it may well be up to 600 keys.

All keys will be made available on our Beta Key claim page.

More BETA Keys!
by styng, Admin @ 08-09-04 14:40 EST

As you might have noticed, we have given away over 2000 keys so far. Sadly, some of you might not have had a chance to claim yours. So, we are happy to announce that we will be adding more Keys very shortly!

Also, those users who received personal PMs from us to claim their BETA keys, you can still claim them as they are reserved to you.

Stay tuned, because the WAR is only starting!

UPDATE: 600 new keys have been released but they are going fast! 

UPDATE 2: The new keys went in less than 20 minutes! We will be able to release more unclaimed keys on Sunday or Monday. The number is still to be determined but it will be along the same numbers or slightly less.

Open BETA EU Key Handout!
by Styng, Admin @ 08-09-03 14:38 EST
WarcraftMovies.com and AoCMovies.com. A minisite/page will be created soon with instructions on how to receive your very own Open BETA key.

Please remember that this is for the Warhammer Online Open BETA European version only. Which means they will only work for the European version of the Gameclient, so you will need to download and install the European WAR BETA Gameclient. Don't worry, we will also provide ways to download it!

Make sure you are registered with our websites! Click HERE if you haven't registered with us yet. Registering in one site will give you access to all our websites.
(Open BETA scheduled to start September 7th, 2008.) 
Stay tuned, because WAR is coming, and WarhammerMovies.com is at the front lines!
UPDATE: We are happy to announce that you can now grab your BETA Key! Be quick, because only a few are left now! Click the top corner box image which says "Warhammer EU BETA Keys" and you will be taken to a page to claim your key.

Headstart Dates Announced!
by Styng, Admin @ 08-08-30 13:14 EST

"We are pleased to announce the information that many of you have been waiting anxiously for - the Headstart dates!

All Collector's Edition pre-order customers will have access to the Headstart from the 14th of September while all Standard Edition pre-orders will be joining them a day later on the 15th. The full range of live servers will be available to choose from when the Headstart begins and you will be able to keep your characters and any progress you made with them for the live launch on the 18th of September (note that this only applies to characters created during the Headstart, all Open Beta characters will be wiped before the Headstart begins).

This will be a very exciting time for everyone as we begin the realm WAR in earnest!"

Are you ready for WAR?!

Original Source

NDA Lifted!
by Styng, Admin @ 08-08-20 12:32 EST


   As of now, the Non Disclosure portions of our North American Beta Testing Agreement are now officially lifted.  From this point on players may now freely talk about their experiences in the game as well as post screenshots, videos, etc.  We will be sending an email out to all our current players with full details about the lift over the next 24 hours.  Players with access to our forums can also see the letter there.  Players may not talk about nor reprint posts from our forums and our Test Servers (currently Deathsword) are still fully covered by the confidentiality portions of our Beta Testing Agreement.  So, other than that, free feel to talk about and share your experiences in WAR. 

My thanks go out to everyone who has beta tested and continues to beta test WAR.  It has been with your help and feedback that WAR is where it is today.  We really appreciate your effort.

WAR is almost upon us! 

Mark Jacobs
VP, GM Mythic Entertainment"


Lets get those videos submitted to Warhammer Online Movies, everyone! :)


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WAR Release Date Confirmed!
by styng, Admin @ 08-08-07 09:58 EST

Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning™ Release Date Confirmed: 18th September 2008

Paris, France – August 6th, 2008 – GOA, Orange’s games unit and Mythic Entertainment, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio (NASDAQ: ERTS), today announced the release date of 18th September 2008 for the eagerly awaited MMORPG, Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning™ (WAR), as well as confirming retail launch offerings and subscription fees.

Based on Games Workshop’s epic and longstanding tabletop fantasy war game which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning features a unique Realm vs. Realm™ (RvR) gameplay that immerses players in a world of perpetual conflict.

“GOA is thrilled at the prospect of opening the doors to the world of Warhammer Online very soon", said Ghislaine Le Rhun, Managing Director of GOA. "As the development of Warhammer Online continued to accelerate, we have been gearing up to support the launch, building a massive server infrastructure, localizing millions of words and recruiting a top notch team of experts in their fields. We look forward to sharing the fun we're having on the battlefields of WAR".

“The countdown has officially begun. Mark your calendars! September 18th is the Day of Reckoning”, said Mark Jacobs, founder and general manager of Mythic Entertainment. “For the last three years, the entire team at Mythic has poured their hearts into making Warhammer Online the next great MMORPG. We are so excited to open up this world and share it with the fans that will live in it, quest in it, go to war in it and make it come alive.”

From launch, subscriptions can be purchased online and within the game:
- 1 month for 12.99€ (£10.31)
- 3 months for 35.97€ (£28.55)
- 6 months for 65.94€ (£52.34)

Alternatively, pre-paid Game Card packs for a 60-day subscription will be available through participating retailers for 29.99€ (£23.81).

From the 28th August, the regular edition of the game can be pre-ordered at 5€ (£3.97), and this special pre-order pack will entitle players to a key for ‘Live Game Head Start’ access ahead of the full commercial release on the 18th September, as well as bonus in-game items.

The regular edition of the game will be priced at 49.99 € (£39.69) RRP with a 30-day subscription included.

Very few copies of the Collector’s Editions are still available for pre-order. Gamers pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition will have access to the Open Beta, as well as the ‘Live Game Head Start’ and bonus in-game items. 


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WWI Machinima movie contest winners!
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-07-09 16:39 EST

Due to dancing toons and prowling Murlocs Blizzard had little time over to actually show any of the winning movies at the WWI in Paris. Maybe it was the Hosts fault, letting them self too easily be charmed by a squinching dwarf, needless to say, with just a small glimpse, Machinima fans out there felt left in the dark.. What actually won? where did the TV ad contest go?

Now that Blizzard Entertainment event crew are back on US soil we can finally show all the fans out there who won what and why!

The WWI Machinima Movie contest winners:

Best Movie:
The Bountiful Chest

by Olibith

Best Editing:
The Bountiful Chest

by Olibith

Best Special Effects:
The Demise

by Daniel Wasiluk

Best Scenario:
The curse of room 17
(La malédiction de la chambre 17)

by Raphael Daniel

The Machinima TV ad contest winners:

First Place:
Manatronic (included in The Bountiful Chest)

by Olibith

Second Place:
BS 1337 Nuclear Rocket

by Baroon Soosdon

Third Place:

by Tommi Tuomisto


More info about the contest can be found here >>


- Congratulations to all the winners and our thoughts goes out to the few movie-makers crazy enough to use WotLK-Alpha content :)


Voice Actor Contest!
by gedan, Admin @ 08-07-02 16:55 EST
With the released of our manuscript contest we are now looking to matchmake Voice actors and Machinimators, this is a great way to reach out to a big community with chance to earn $$$ money direct linked to the new winner!

The first thing we want is your DEMO sent to [email protected] Best used DEMO will also be awarded with:
  • 1year Premium and
  • Open deal for hired voiceacting with WCM in future projects!

Participants will be voted on at the same time as our Main contest!

Characters and lines - The initial idea is using

Two Scripts -
Script A:
Script B:

The accent does not matter - read the script and send in the demo (ONE LINE) if any line suits your voice!

Small example of lines you can send in (if they suit you):
Sample line - UNDEAD WARLOCK: "There, there little cow..."
Sample line - ORC: "By Thralls beard, where's our friggin flag?!"

The scripts are used by the Machinimators and they will contact you once the demo is up on Warcraftmovies.com to help out on their project.

Recording and Contact information -

  • Details on when you are available and MSN/Skype or other communicating tools
  • Record in: 44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3
  • Save the lines as: "WCMCONTESTDEMO_yourname_samplenumber.mp3"
  • If you are going to be busy with other projects andor going away anytime soon. Don't bother auditioning. This is for VA's who can record when requested to do so, in the span from the 10th to the 25th of July. To delay a voice over, can delay an entire project.
  • Links to former work helps if you are later to get picked by our Machinima artists.
  • Send your auditions to: [email protected]
Only send in a short DEMO, the full script will be worked on later by you and the Author.

Deadline - For the demo:10th of JULY, contest ends 25th of JULY.


10th of JULY to [email protected]

When you have sent the demo we will listen to it and if it's good, upload to the page. The idea is that everyone who gets their demo uploaded will be subject for use in our future project, the Machinima winner wins an Open Contract with us and will hire anyone of you (s)he liked best.
Contest - Synergy!
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-06-24 17:35 EST

What if you were given a task to put something together, a task that would require a variety of attack points to complete.. Would you approach this alone, or focus on what you are best at and let someone else join in to perfect it?

Time to take your craft to a new level, Blind Ferret Entertainment and Warcraftmovies.com bring you this summers biggest challenge, interpret and give your flava' to an already written manuscript!

For more information, visit our Contest page >>

Kil'Jaeden Kill Movie: SK Gaming!
by gedan, Admin @ 08-05-29 15:53 EST


SK Gaming is now the #1 Guild in the world and they just released their World First Kill Movie here on WCM!:


You can expect an epic battle and the ever so fun to hear Ventrilo euphoria when the last boss in The Burning Crusade goes down. The Movie is recorded from 5 different points of views and complete with the RP event in the end. Game Over I guess?



SK Gaming also finish on first place in our "Sunwell Rush Contest", giving us the first public movie of an official kill, congratulations on the achievements and enjoy our premium services!

AOC - Weekly Contest: Gore to Fame!
by gedan, Admin @ 08-05-22 17:02 EST

With the global release of AoC less than a day away we now launch our first Movie contest here on AgeofconanMovies.com!:

Give us your Gameplay from Hyboria, whether or you like Making PvE, PvP, Exploration or Storyline Movies; you can all Participate in 'Gore to Fame'! Just Record&Submit to have the chance on some cool Prizes and eternal glory!

For more details on this weekly contest, check out our Contest Page>>


Voting for: Bitfilm Machinima award 2008!
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-05-05 13:40 EST

The voting period has begun for the Bitfilm Machinima award 2008! No less than three Authors were selected from our community! -

BaronSoosdon with his - I'm So Sick:


Dopefish with his - Among Fables and Men:

And Olibith with his - The Ballad of the Sex Junkie:


Go to the bitfilm homepage under the "Machinima" tag and vote for your favorite and the Machinimators know you are supporting them. There are prizes to be won for anyone that takes part in the voting!

Malicious websites
by baloo, Admin @ 08-04-08 12:04 EST

There have been a few domains registered with a similar name to our real domain "warcraftmovies.com" that are used for spreading harmful content.

Our site should only be accessed via warcraftmovies.com and no other domain.

Keep your anti-virus software updated to avoid these kind of problems.

Introducing: l337 speak!
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-04-01 10:29 EST

Due to popular demands we have implemented "leet speak" to our homepage. We pulled some strings and recruited one of our top PvP Author to translate our site! Why do we go through all this trouble? This written argot will prevent our parents and others that do not play the game from understanding what we are doing here, before the summer no one outside this community will ever know we excised!

We thank you for your patience while implementing the "leet speak" on our servers, this is just the BETA phase and when everything is working leet will be default language. In the final stage of this renewal titles and voice over on movies will be manually changed to fit the new standard. Below are a few examples on how the system has improved our Authors summary:

I'm So Sick

Tales of the past III

Eviscerate 7 - World PvP, Daggers

Nihilum EU-BG3 Grand Final

For now you will have to click the new official flag in the top right corner to get the desired effect.

Hope you are as excited about this as we are, reply to this thread if you want to help us translate all the movies and we will get in contact with you.

Tonight's Drakedog Live Stream "Reeling"
by Gedan, Admin @ 08-03-31 20:27 EST

Thank you all for participating in this Ingame Streaming, were we showed a glimpse of Drakedogs finesse Live!

Based on the current viewing cap, or the massive overload on our servers, some of you might have missed this "Reel" session, we are working to solve this but the project is still in its BETA phase. Also for a short period of time only Premium members had access to the stream, server capacity had reached its limit and we were forced to cut down or crash.

Soon we will have this streamlined, the viewing cap can be lifted and everyone can enjoy this new technology. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Stay updated on our Reel page for future sessions >> 


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