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You can use these short promo clips in your movies. You will get a free Premium account upgrade for each movie you submit which contains any of the following clips. You will have a better chance of a day in the "Spotlight" on the front page of the site.

If your submition gets approved you will get 1 week free Premium access.
If your movie reach 500 downloads within that first week you will get an additional month.
If your movie gets recommended you will get 6 months of premium right away.

You can cut and edit the clips as long as the WarhammerMovies.net text is intact.

"Fireball" by CptJacks
15s - 7MB - Sound
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Long - WMV/WMA
"Lightning" by Yakooki
6s/15s - 1MB/6MB - Sound
 "Freeze" by Dopefish
6s - 14MB - Sound
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Short - WMV/WMA

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