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Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
ARM, The Legend Revealed Part 1of3Rune Priest11-09-1597-723
ARM, The Legend Revealed Part 2of3Rune Priest11-09-15102-937
ARM, The Legend Revealed Part 3of3Rune Priest11-09-15101-811
Azagahl: Suicide Ironbreaker Reloaded!Ironbreaker09-08-03173-5989
BishopX Frypriest 2Rune Priest09-09-0840-1445
Blood For Blood inter-alliance push saGoblin Squig Herder09-02-1637-2298
Dramatic Black OrcBlack Orc09-04-290-2333
Incomming pt.1Goblin Shaman09-04-0355-2213
Tier 2 Sorceress RvR Stonetroll CrossiSorceress08-10-1447-1055
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