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Name Tag Server Region Members Movies
Taken or BannedToBKarak AzgalEurope0
TempesttpstAthel LorenEurope0
Tempest WolvesTWPhoenix ThroneUSA0
That Just HappenedTJHBeta Server USUSA0
The Black CompanyTBCKarak Eight PeaksEurope0
The Dark AllianceTDAKarak Eight PeaksEurope0
The Dark CouncilTDCKarak-NornEurope1
The FallenTFALEltharionEurope0
The Hand of NergalmeKarag OrrudEurope0
The Lost Guard of Tor AnrocLGBeta Server USUSA0
The Ninth NightTNNIronfistUSA0
The Order of GromrilToGKarak AzgalEurope0
The TribeTribMonolithUSA1
The Unlikely Planwtf?Karak-NornEurope0
Thelyn EnnorTEHelmgartEurope0
TitansglahKarak AzgalEurope0
Trial By FireTBFSkull ThroneUSA0
Twist of FAteToFAverlandEurope0

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