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Name Tag Server Region Members Movies
D E C A D E N C EDCDCKarak HirnEurope2
D E C A D E N C ECDKarak-NornEurope2
Da OrcanizationOrcaAlarielleEurope2
Da SchaedelspaltazSPZHussEurope1
Dark PreludePrelCoreEurope0
Dark VisionDVKarak AzgalEurope0
Darkness Is EverywhereD!EAnlecUSA0
Das TribunalTribErengradEurope0
Dawn of BloodDoBCarroburgEurope0
DeadDeadDark CragUSA0
Death and GloryD&GRed Eye MountainUSA1
Death CompanyDCEltharionEurope0
Death Cult ArmageddondcaBeta Server EUEurope0
Death WatchDWEltharionEurope1
Deephallow BrewersDHBOtherUSA0
DefianceDEFKarak Eight PeaksEurope0
DefianceDEFIAthel LorenEurope0
Deja VuDVDark CragUSA0
Descrutive InfluenceDICEBadlandsUSA0
Destructive InfluenceDICEBadlandsUSA0
Destruktive BrutDBBeta Server EUEurope0
Deus VultDVBeta Server USUSA0
Deviant DemiseDDOtherUSA0
devil dogsDDWastelandUSA0
DivinitydivSkull ThroneUSA0
Dominus NocturnusDNPraagUSA0
Dorks with TranquizersdwtSkull ThroneUSA0
Draken RisingDRBeta Server USUSA0
DrakulverneDrakPhoenix ThroneUSA0
Driven by HateDbHAlarielleEurope0

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