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Name Tag Server Region Members Movies
Caballarii de AtlantisCdABurlokEurope0
Calamitous IntentCIPhoenix ThroneUSA3
Casus MortisKarak Eight PeaksEurope0
Cause Of DeathCODPraagUSA0
Chair Force OneCFOSkull ThroneUSA0
Chaos TheoryCTBeta Server USUSA0
Chaos TheoryCTPhoenix ThroneUSA1
Chaos UndividedCUBurlokEurope1
CiTNCiTNBeta Server USUSA0
Clan HeldenhammerCHDrakenwaldEurope0
Clan HexHexAvelornUSA0
Clan OrcpeinCOPDrakenwaldEurope1
Coming From BehindCFBBadlandsUSA0
Concilio de la LuzCdlLCoreEurope0
Confrérie de Sombre NuitConfHag GraefEurope0
Consecrati Cruci CraniiCCCHussEurope0
CovenCovnDark CragUSA0
Crimson Imperium RebornCIRKarak-NornEurope1

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