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Doomsta's RvR Trailer
(3 min - Sep 27, 2008 - by Doomsta)
Awakening Produktions present: DOOMSTA'S RVR TRAILER links: http://www.veoh.com/videos/v16049801zCrWZ3fn http://files.filefront.com/Doomsta+RvR+Trailerwmv/;11883116;/fileinfo.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPY-dYW6yKM http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/21628 Info's: gameplay...
TAGS: trailer Doomsta bdk gilde guild awakening produktions produktion bdk-gilde.de Chosen averland middenland movie
RvR Chosen 5,497 1
Beam - The Raid II - Trailer
(1 min - Nov 6, 2008 - by B3aM)
Short Preview of my next Storyvideo. Have Fun!
TAGS: Beam The raid trailer
Trailers Multiple 4,458 1
Legendary Promo Teaser Trailer
(1 min - Jan 12, 2008 - by Atroxy)
Back in september of 2007 I founded a "Order" guild together with some close friends. We decided to call it "Legendary". I made this teaser in the hopes to attrack more European WAR fans to our guild. There will be a full lenghted promotial video later on. I hope you enjoy the teaser, and if...
TAGS: trailer teaser promo legendary
Guild Promot... Archmage 3,471 1
Trailer Warhammer Online: The Tomb King
(161 min - May 28, 2009 - by alexhorus)
hi everybody! after the easer about the new event on warhammer online (http://www.warhammermovies.net/movieview.php?id=2651) this is the trailer about the new event coming june. I hope so you like it enjoy! english voice with french subtitles
TAGS: trailer mythic mmo king Warhammer ea goa land The gameworkshop teaser dead Tomb
Official Multiple - 2,308 1
Tiswa, Power of the Waaagghhh; Part 2 tr...
(1 min - Oct 15, 2008 - by Michilli)
The trailer of the upcoming shaman movie "Power of the Waaagghh: Buffed and loaded" Shaman is an interesting class! Comments are welcome. (Miwou© Studios)
TAGS: power Waagh heal part dps trailer RvR shaman
Trailers Goblin Shaman - 1,734 1

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