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Stop Hammertime #3
(582 min - Sep 1, 2009 - by Stop)
Decided to dust off my old ironbreaker after a small break and go out roaming. Running with a 2h while vengeance/brotherhood spec. Featuring only 1onX situations, no organized duels, no scenarios, no keep fights. Enjoy.
TAGS: Stop pvp Chz roaming brotherhood ib Ironbreaker vengeance Hammertime
Skirmishes Ironbreaker - 5,212 0
xcanex Choppin' Time
(337 min - Aug 25, 2009 - by xcanex)
This is my first attempt at making a movie. This video a few clips of me dueling a white lion and a couple of Sword Masters.
TAGS: xCanex time RvR
Skirmishes Choppa - 2,605 1

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