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Confession X - Rank 40 WH PvP
(8 min - Nov 3, 2008 - by Kendrathe)
A rank 40 Witch Hunter PvP video. I saw there weren't many of these, so I made this. It contains about one scenario worth of footage, and one hour of Open RvR, so it's not much. But still. Specced Confession, obviously. http://www.wardb.com/career.aspx?id=9#15:10784:5:32:0:0:25:521:8133:812...
TAGS: Confession rank pvp
RvR Witch Hunter 19,534 1
White Lion - Solo PvP
(7 min - Nov 12, 2008 - by Falaris)
Hi All! This is my 2nd Video. Don't expect great editing or anything I'm still very new to Sony Vegas. This contains no scenarios, no group pvp, just pure solo pvp! 1-1, 1-2 stuff mostly. Most opponents you see are level 40. Fighting is taking place in the RvR lakes or in Chapter 22 areas. Wel...
TAGS: white Lion solo pvp
RvR White Lion 17,333 1
Cicy Disciple PvP
(10 min - Jan 10, 2009 - by Cicy)
A few clips of me soloing. I apologize for the bad graphic i had while recording this film, upcoming vids will be better. I recommend you to download the file from filefront, stream quality isnt the best.
TAGS: Cicy Disciple pvp
RvR Desciple of Khaine 7,731 1
Zgorbio - Solo PvP - shaman
(10 min - May 5, 2009 - by )
a couple of fights with my dps shaman lvl 31/32 , fighting against lvl40s with some 2vs1 (all in open rvr areas) all frapsed in 2 days of gameplay it's a video for entertaiment , and i hope you have fun watching it as much as i did doing it (: I suck at english , i know^^ - - Music list at ...
TAGS: Zgorbio solo pvp shaman
Skirmishes Goblin Shaman 4,725 1
Khan Magus PVP 1 - "The PUG"
(6 min - Oct 8, 2008 - by )
This is my first RVR movie, I only frapsed a small amount of time to test it out and tried to make a movie out of what I recorded. Here's hoping an aggressive demonology magus playstyle with some special effects help maybe make a movie that would be entertaining to watch :)
TAGS: Khan Magus pvp
RvR Magus - 3,190 1

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