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Tropik - 40 WE - Nerf This Class
(614 min - Feb 12, 2009 - by Tropik)
Rank 40, Renown 70 Witch Elf. A mix of duels, 3 second gank kills, 4v1, 3v1, and 2v1s. Open RvR kills. I tried to include well-known order players. Footage from renown rank 67-70 across about 3 specs. Codec info: x264. If you can't play the video and don't want to mess around with codecs, dow...
TAGS: Tropik nerf This Class
Skirmishes Witch Elf 33,544 1
Nerf this class 2
(614 min - Apr 2, 2010 - by Sogeou)
Video of playing a Witch elf lots of ganking. Showing how witch elfs can still be good, but only if you have the best gear. Best gear being pve gear. PvP done on Badlands.
TAGS: nerf This Class shebali
Skirmishes Witch Elf - 3,574 1

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