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rzeznicc's RvR engineer Battle of Erkrun...
(8 min - Sep 11, 2008 - by rzeznicc)
Hi, Im rzeznicc and heres a vid of Battle of Erkrund from Warhammer Online, played as rank 11 Engineer in open beta EU.
TAGS: RvR enginner battle Erkrund
RvR Engineer 22,713 1
Battle for Badlands
(127 min - Mar 12, 2010 - by Benjamin Foley)
The Official trailer of the Battle for Badlands server community wide event hosted by the Gaiscioch Family. Are you strong enough to engage in endless battle every Tuesday Night at 6PM PST / 9PM EST. Hundreds will clash in this epic weekly battle. Learn more at: http://www.gaisciochnaanu.com/battl...
TAGS: battle ORVR event Gaiscioch Badlands
RvR Multiple - 1,115 1

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