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Splashzor R21 SW RvR
(7 min - Oct 19, 2008 - by Splashzor)
Hey all, I was bored one night and decided to make this video showcasing some R21 Shadow Warrior RvR. Don't expect any lolskill nor top-notch editing because I wasn't up for wasting my time making perfect editing to sub-par T2 clips :P The songs are as follow: Katy Perry- Fingerprints (Intro)...
TAGS: Splashzor Mourkain r21 keeps SW crits
RvR Shadow Warrior 3,854 1
Serento -T4 SW scenario
(8 min - Dec 2, 2008 - by Cassio)
its me Cassio playin' my SW in rvr. enjoy! !got soundproblem! from 7:42 there is no music. tryed several times but could not solve that problem, so i took it as it is.
TAGS: Serento Scenario
Scenarios Shadow Warrior 2,878 0
Tiswa, Power of the Waaagghhh; Part 2 tr...
(1 min - Oct 15, 2008 - by Michilli)
The trailer of the upcoming shaman movie "Power of the Waaagghh: Buffed and loaded" Shaman is an interesting class! Comments are welcome. (Miwou© Studios)
TAGS: power Waagh heal part dps trailer RvR shaman
Trailers Goblin Shaman - 1,523 0

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