Entering the Stronghold

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Entering the Stronghold's Summary

* I'm aware of the mistake in the credit...noting Praag has core server.Its a OpenRvR sever. My Mistake Sorry! * I was just so tired when i finished it that it completely left my mind. I've rehosted so many times and yeah, I left it like that. Hopefully its a mistake you can ignore :)

Alright so basically, few days ago i heard this song, and images of Warhammer just kept poping inside my head. Specially since the song is called ''Entering the Stronghold'' i thought it went perfect with the keep siege and all of the world this game is based on.

I'm a huge fan of machinima makers in WoW, or just movie makers who manage to pull off some pretty sick story telling within a game. Movie makers like : Jack , Martin Falch, Dopefish, Barron and just so much more!

Now i ain't even near they're editing / quality level, i'm WWWWAAAYYYYYY down compare to these guys, but i couldn't help myself and i had to attempt to make something!

To be honest, i'm sick & bored of all the pvp movies people make ( In all damn MMO). Fraps clip + music + render = no creativity. I tried making the clips i fraps go with the music that was created. But i will admit i ran out of ideas at the end. Even though i did not want to make this a ''pvp'' movie, i had to put in some pvp since well...we've all seen the world.

Anyway, it wasn't easy to make to be honest, the game ain't at smooth has i would of thought.There is very limited content. Some walking bug that made the Camera shaky, no '' Endless Dream Potion'' like WoW to make some sick camera shots / not aggro anything :P , Order jumping me even thought i am in an RvR battle trying to get some Order action, not seeing my UI when i tried to do some combat, specially with BO plans sometime erase by themself... and a bunch of other .

Anyway, i tried my best, and maybe some of you might have wize comments / tips to improve my editing with Sony Vegas and such. I love to practice, and i always look to make something new and improve.

Thank you for watching. And i hope u enjoyed something diffrent :)
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