Moonlapse Promo Video

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Moonlapse Promo Video's Summary
Hey, I'm Exci, I came up with an idea to make a promo vid for the guild Moonlapse in Warhammer Online as my first big project. Kept working on it for a couple months on and off, while continuously changing each part (It even seemed boring after 1 gazilion previews) So here it is, the non-perfect promo vid :D

No really, If I kept updating it 'till I was completely satisfied with it, we would be playing diablo 4 and fifa 2015 by now.

Of course, watch in HD, full screen, on your 120" plasma, project it on a cinema, and all that! Sorry for the big size, but like I said this vid is about editing, so without quality there would be no point.

To sum up:

30 hours of overwriting my own effects
20 hours of brainstorming ("duuh *cow face* what do I put now?..")
20 hours of rendering and previewing cause I got a pro pc (DONATE!)
20 hours of restarting After Effects due to random crashes (Still haven't donated?! )
100 hours of waiting on Mashroom for his own footage -_-

DISCLAIMER: (was this supposed to go on the top?! hmm..whatever dawg..)
This is in no way a showcase of skill. The video is aiming to show the game and some moments of Moonlapse members, wrapped in an epic concept.
Thanks to Atrox, Aqe, Hadrune and Mashroom for the footage.
Video made in After effects CS3. Hope you like it; I know I don't!

You can look up Moonlapse at www.moonlapse.com
But hey you should already know that if you watched the vid. Are you cheating or something? Go watch the vid you gimp!

Rights reserved from EA, no erm, All reserved rights, uhh, screw this, the game is made by EA Mythic okay?
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