Kabra's Pride recruitment video

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Kabra's Pride recruitment video's Summary
Well...We need people, and there is no more effective way to recruit than through a decent movie promoting your own guild.

I tried to base it on some humour so that it is enojoyable to watch even for people that are not considering to join our guild, even though the main goal with the movie obviously is to expand our ranks.

**Stream = Shit, I compressed it to 74mb so it is no big hassle to download it.**

If you're interested in pictures, like the one I use in the start of the movie, there's an adress included to the portfolio of the guy who made them. He's pro and looking for work, maybe you need something for your own projects?

www.guildbase.org for applications. Register yourself, click on "guilds", choose Kabra's Pride, and send your application.

Recruitment post on Warhammer Alliance forums:
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