Sneaky Goblin Tactics #4

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Sneaky Goblin Tactics #4's Summary
The Sneaky Goblin is back..
In this eps. I show off the Keep Jumps.. ALL OF THEM. This will allow the Order a chance to defend against them. Now you know where I am coming from.. You have NO excuse if I invade your keep now.

SGT used is Kaboom and Run Away! from Quick Shooting line.

Keeps I take down in movie.. in order

Karak Karag single wall *Thundermountain
Karaz Drengi both walls *Kadrin Valley
Kazad Dammaz single wall *Kadrin Valley
Stonewatch Keep both walls *fortress
Charon's Keep single wall *Chaos waste
Zimmeron's Hold both walls *Chaos waste
South Praag both walls *Praag
North Praag both walls *Praag
Moor's Repose single wall *Reikland
Wilhelm's Fist single wall *Reikland
Reikwald single wall *Fortress
Hatred's Way single wall *Caledor
Wrath's Resolve single wall *Caledor
Pillars of Remebrence single *Eatine
Arbor of Light single *Eatine
Covenant of Flame single *Dragonwake
Drakebreaker's Scourge both *Dragonwake
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