Crimson Imperium Reborn present Karak-Norn ORVR

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Crimson Imperium Reborn present Karak-Norn ORVR's Summary
Because of a lack of spontaneous T4 ORVR action, the bigger guilds in Karak-Norn decided to band together and try to organise some fun RVR for themselves. The Destruction side was mostly taken up by members of The Imperial Pact alliance, especially Crimson Imperium Reborn while Order had a mix of players from the bigger guilds there including Calming Storm and Extreme Personalities among others.

Basically the evening was a blast so I thought I'd fraps as much of it as possible. Three hours, four bo's, at least one hundred dead order, one keep and 71 gigs later I stopped recording :p

This vid is just a short (and hopefully sweet) highlights reel of the best bits from my perspective. I boosted it up to 200% speed to keep it fun and snappy, and also to try and convey some of the manic insanity of yesterday evening in praag ^^.

Music is:
Fatboy Slim: Vol 1 Side 2 Track 2
Fatboy Slim: Post Punk Progression
Both singles are from his album: On the Floor at the Boutique.

Once again, thank you to everyone that turned up and made Friday really good fun to be a part of, hopefully we will all get another ace fight in on Sunday :)

All footage for this was taken from the organised ORVR session in Praag, Karak-Norn on 08/11/08.

P.s. sorry for the crap picture, but there is simply no way to attach an image that doesn't look like total arse.
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